Mums start to plan out their baby’s nursery as soon as they get medical confirmation on being pregnant (well, that’s what I did, “wink”).

When I started planning for my unborn baby’s nursery, I opted for two items – Bassinets and Co-sleepers, for more info on Co-sleepers, you can check out the best ones here. Bassinets are basically designed for newborns and are smaller in size when compared with cribs “that are much common among parents but the benefits of bassinets totally render a crib obsolete!

From my personal experience, co-sleeepers are extremely useful for your toddler and yourself, since if bassinets are placed at a similar height as your bed, you can care for your baby without leaving your side. This is especially advantageous when you are weak from pregnancy or simply can’t abandon your comfortable bed.  This way you can keep a watchful gaze on your toddler and your nearness will be a reassurance to both of you. 

I’ve featured products that I’ve used for long and some of the suggestions have been made by my friends as well. So, you’ll get to receive recommendations from people who’ve had a hand with bassinets in real!

An Extremely Good Deal – Good Value

My first pick was the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet, and it still puts a smile on my face as I reminisce its excellent pros. There’s more to this bassinet than what meets the eye. To start with, it comes attached with a music module that plays sweet lullabies for your baby to nod off peacefully and the built-in light is very handy for late-night baby feedings. This product is a bestseller and I completely agree all the praise about it. A great value for money, moreover, comes with a fitted sheet, saving you from delving online stores for that pair of sheets you will definitely need!

Worth the Bucks – Highest Quality

The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is one of those items that you can trust blindly. It has some brilliant capabilities and especially useful for those mothers who are recovering from C-sections. You can easily take advantage of the added 360 degrees rotation and can permanently adjust the bassinet in one place, so it won’t revolve around unnecessarily. Whether you want to nurse or play with your little one, you can do so being in the ease of your bed. Furthermore, it is another bestselling bassinet can be adjusted to the height of your bedstead.

Packed with Versatility – Travel Bassinet

I am especially thankful of the mesh cover around the Brica Fold n Go Portable Bassinet, since, I can keep an eye on my toddler without hovering. It’s just so unfussy to travel with my baby with this product, since it’s merely like putting your cheeky fella in the basket, placing him or her in the car seat and zoomingoff to your planned destination! The bassinet is very lightweight, a breeze to carry around and once the baby is out of it, you can simply fold and store it away without dilemma.

Play n Pack

Firstly, I’d like to commend the Dream On Me Karley Bassinet on its sturdy built and the princess-like vibe it radiates. At a glance, you might mistake this product as flimsy but when you try it in real; you’ll understand how good it is for tending to your baby. I can easily zip up the top, so my baby can slumber peacefully and it protects her from trying to break free of it or being pounced on by bugs. Also, the attached padding is very snug, which relieves me the worry of adding an extra mattress.

The Perfect Nursery Look – Wooden Bassinet

I wanted my baby’s entire nursery to be soft, natural and very woody, almost conveying a vintage feel. My eyes nearly popped out when the Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet arrived at my place “gifted to me by my mother.” I mean, this one is a complete winner in the ‘wooden nursery look’ theme; it doesn’t only look heavenly but comes with wheels “providing the ability to move my child around liberally.” The espresso colored wood and embroidery detailing’s are some excellent features and I wouldn’t give up on this bestselling product ever!

I hope you enjoyed reading the tales behind these bassinets. If you are a new mom and want to take the load off your shoulders by half, bassinets will be very serviceable for you in doing just that! 

The biggest decision you make when you get pregnant is where your baby will sleep. When it comes to baby sleeping options, there is a few choices to make; will you choose; a co-sleeper, bassinet and crib, all or none?

Today, the question arises which one is better between a co-sleeper or a bassinet? I’ve explained in my first article the difference between a bassinet and a co-sleeper but I’m going to repeat the same facts again as today we will be addressing the advantages of buying a co-sleeper for your newborn baby.

A co-sleeper is traditionally favored by some new parents as it can be attached to the bed on which you sleep. Which, in turn, makes it easier for you to feed your baby without getting up from your bed at night. Plus alot of parents like to be close to their baby, without having to place the baby in their bed.

However, bassinets are much more advanced versions of co-sleepers as they often come with built-in lights, vibrations and sounds. A bassinet can easily be used to move around your baby, since, it’s single and separate. With bassinets, it isn’t that easy to access your toddler as it is with a co-sleeper and bassinets are almost similar to a crib when it comes to design.

Earnestly, I can’t put a finger on which one is better, since, it all depends on what you personally prefer. If you have faith in co-sleeping with your little bubba, a co-sleeper will be a good choice for you. But if you want your child to sleep all on its own with some pretty nice built-in entertainment, a bassinet might be just the right baby bed for your situation.

Works Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

There are no better words to appreciate the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper which has multi-uses, since, it is a bassinet, co-sleeper and a portable crib – all in one! Although looking more like a bassinet, it serves the functionality of a co-sleeper which a droppable side for each to reach access from the side of your bed. I used to hear my friend’s tales about waking up at night to go to the nursery to feed their baby and the thought of leaving my bed sent shivers down my body. Since, I lead a hectic life and getting proper sleep is essential. Though, with this product I faced no such problems. I simply strap the baby next to me, as near as I can, even I get to hear him snoring and a single grunt from him wakes me up – ready to feed.

Worth The Bucks

The DockATot Deluxe Dock Co-sleeper, turned out to be a magical product for me. The small bed feels so soft that I don’t need to add any extra sheets on top and my baby gets to snuggle so perfectly in it. It is great for positioning my baby in the middle of the bed, without the fear of squishing him over. The design of this, simply prevents the baby from developing a flathead syndrome while he’s slumbering. Worth every penny!

The Safe Choice

Although similar to the above product, this one is higher quality. It never hurts to spend in an Organic product as I believe they are safer than the items that are not organic. This is the reason I bought Snuggle Me Organic The Original Co-Sleeping for my sister when she was pregnant. First of all, I’d like to comment on the perfection of the mattress pad, which is very soft, cushiony and comfortable. With this, you will only at an arm’s reach away from your baby. This product is a great choice for those who wish to keep an eye on their baby 24/7. With some other co-sleepers, it can take almost 90 minutes to propel your baby off to sleep, but this is very snug and it won’t take you longer 30 minutes to lull your baby to sleep.

A Life Changer

I literary lived in a constant fear of SIDS and this anxiety didn’t allow me to sleep until I bought the SwaddleMeBy Your Side Sleeper. This product has given me peace as it provides enough space to keep a watch on my baby, without any worrying feelings taking over my mind. I only get my baby out to nurse, feed and change. The tranquility on my baby’s face certifies that he likes this product a lot and rarely seems demanding while he is tucked in this co-sleeper. Also, I have to commend the sturdy quality of this product as well.

A Budget-Friendly Option

The First Years Close And Secure Sleeper is the best pocket-friendly product in my opinion and it consists of many wonderful built-ins too! I for one, love that it is extremely travel-friendly. The head and foot barrier reduces the risk of entrapment and the quality of the entirety is nice too. It comes with a night light, which makes it uncomplicated for me to perform night feeding. Overall, this product is quite secure.  However, for this one you’ll definitely need some extra sheets to place your child in.


I’ve added the best choices here and you can opt for something that will be the cause for a smile for both you and your kid.